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The Bradley Hare invites you to unwind and take pleasure in your surroundings. Local beers, eclectic wines and cocktails are on offer from the traditional pub bar, which flows through to a casual, lounge style setting and dining area called The Snug, where you can sink into a sofa after a long walk.

Food and Drink

The ever-changing menus at The Bradley Hare offer exceptional pub classics that ensure fresh and seasonal ingredients are celebrated, alongside an extensive offering of local beers, a diverse wine list, and a unique cocktail list.

We have also taken care to ensure our menus cater for children and those with specific dietary requirements.


Located between Wiltshire and Somerset, we are blessed with incredible producers and we believe it is our responsibility to highlight the natural beauty of their ingredients at the peak of their seasonality. Our evolving dishes adapt according to availability from our local greengrocer, fishmonger, butcher and game dealer, ensuring we only work with produce of the highest quality.

Working closely with the Maiden Bradley Community allotment, we also grow a carefully selected mix of specialty vegetables, herbs and botanicals for use in both the kitchen and bar.

Waste Not Want Not

Championing the renaissance of the zero-waste philosophy, the Bradley Hare team are working tirelessly to keep waste of any kind to an absolute minimum. Every ingredient is treated with the utmost care and attention; excess raw produce is fermented, cured or pickled, and all bones and trimmings are used to make rich stocks for soups and sauces. This philosophy has inspired the Bradley Hare Feast — a Viking-style experience that epitomises the concept of zero-waste dining.

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